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2-Day Person-Centered Thinking Training 2020

As we continue to work towards HCBS Compliance, so does our work towards enhancing Person-Centered Thinking in our practice. We now have trainings for the first 3 months of 2020 available. Please click on the link of your chosen dates, which will take you to Eventbrite, and register through this platform. We cannot emphasize that your commitment to attending is crucial in the success of embedding Person-Centered Practices in the work that we do.


HCBS Provider Self-Assessments and Roundtables

The California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has announced that they will be making available the provider self-assessments via e-billing for all providers who provide services on this list [Attachment A] on January 3, 2020. DDS will also be providing an initial training on how to fill these self-assessments out starting the week of January 13, 2020. More information will be provided once we receive clear instructions from DDS.


Trainings & Workshops


The Community Training & Education Committee (CTEC) is a committee of Regional Center staff who meet to identify training needs for Residential Care and Day Program staff who work with and provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and service providers.



As we continue to integrate person-centered practices into our everyday work, it becomes important to our success to always assess and re-assess how we are delivering services. RCEB, in partnership with Mains’l, will be hosting a series of symposium workshops aimed at constructively taking a deeper look at where we can improve, mining for the opportunities that are possible for us and how we can do this all as a community.

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