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As we continue to integrate person-centered practices into our everyday work, it becomes important to our success to always assess and re-assess how we are delivering services. RCEB, in partnership with Mains’l, will be hosting a series of symposium workshops aimed at constructively taking a deeper look at where we can improve, mining for the opportunities that are possible for us and how we can do this all as a community.



By March 2022, the state of California intends on being in compliance with the Final Rule; however, there are many complexities and ambiguities with how each and every single one of us can go about being “in compliance”. Join us as RCEB hosts a series of roundtables that aim to engage each and every one of us in thoughtful conversations surrounding what each of the points of the Final Rule mean. Please see the flyer below for more details, and we hope to see you at one of the roundtables!

Roundtables Flyer


Person-Centered Thinking Trainings

PCT Flyer

As we continue with 2019, our Final Rule compliance year, 2022, gets nearer. To ensure our trajectory, service providers in the RCEB catchment area are highly encouraged to attend the 2-Day Person-Centered Thinking Training. This DDS-funded training aims to improve how we provide services to the population we serve by providing us with the necessary tools for success. I invite you all to attend these trainings as we continue to move towards the Final Rule.