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Budget & Finance Committee
The Budget & Finance Committee meets monthly prior to the board meeting.

The Budget & Finance Committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the annual budget and expenditures of the corporation. The committee reports on RCEB’s financial position as well as makes fiscal recommendations to the Board of Directors at the monthly board meeting.  In addition, the Budget and Finance Committee serves as the audit committee and is responsible for the approval of the independent auditor.  The Committee reports on the results of RCEB’s annual independent audit, including any findings and recommendations, to the Board of Directors.  


Who We Are

The Regional Center of the East Bay [RCEB] is one of 21 Regional Centers that is a community based, private non-profit corporation under contract with the California Department of Developmental Services. RCEB works in partnership with many individuals and agencies to plan and coordinate services and supports for people with developmental disabilities, family members and community leaders in the Alameda and Contra Costa counties.


Committee Members

The Self-Determination local volunteer advisory committee members have been chosen jointly by the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, Bay Area Office and the Regional Center of the East Bay.

Also on the committee is Arthur Lipscomb, the Clients Rights Advocate at Disability Rights California. 


Self – Determination Program Update

RCEB is excited to announce that on October 1st, 2018 DDS selected the first 2500 participants for the Self-Determination Program (SDP).


Diversity & Equity Committee
**There is NO meeting in July, August, or December, 2019**

This committee is run by a chairperson who is appointed by the RCEB Board President. This chairperson will be a board member and will advise the Board of Directors of the committee’s findings and recommendations at their monthly meeting.


Uniform Holiday Schedule

2018-2019 Holiday Schedule

July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019


Calendar of Events


Executive Committee
The Executive Committee meets on the second Wednesday evening of every month.

The Executive Committee consists of officers elected by the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee oversees the direction of RCEB and provides leadership to the board. The committee meets monthly to discuss matters involving the agency and to plan the agenda for the upcoming board meeting.