Person-Centered Thinking Trainings


PCT Flyer

As we continue with 2019, our Final Rule compliance year, 2022, gets nearer. To ensure our trajectory, service providers in the RCEB catchment area are highly encouraged to attend the 2-Day Person-Centered Thinking Training. This DDS-funded training aims to improve how we provide services to the population we serve by providing us with the necessary tools for success. I invite you all to attend these trainings as we continue to move towards the Final Rule.

Attached you will find the flyer to the 2-Day Person-Centered Thinking Trainings happening in our catchment area. Each training runs for two consecutive days and has a capacity of 28 attendees. On the flyer,  please click on the “Register” link below the date of your choice. Alternatively, you can also register by clicking on the date of your choice below:

March 11 & March 12

June 10 & June 11

August 15 & August 16

November 7 & November 8

April 12 & April 13*

June 14 & June 15*

August 28 & August 29

December 9 & December 10

April 22 & April 23

June 24 & June 25

September 26 & September 27

December 12 & December 13

April 25 & April 26

July 8 & July 9

October 10 & October 11


May 13 & May 14

July 11 & July 12

October 29 & October 30

May 29 & May 30

August 12 & August 13

November 4 & November 5

*These trainings are on Friday and Saturday, will be hosted by Deaf Plus Adult Community and primarily offered in ASL; however, there will be interpreters for those who use spoken language.

Again, this training is grant-funded and is pertinent to our success as a community as we move towards compliance. This 2-day training will also account for 12 CEUs. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or (510) 618-6146. We look forward to your attendance at these trainings!